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Artificial Intelligence - Age 10 -16

AI course

The Minecraft AI course offers a great way to learn basic AI concepts in a fun manner using the Minecraft Education game and their custom block-based programming language “Makecode”. Learn about AI concepts, such as machine learning or autonomous driving, in an easy and interesting way through Minecraft. The Course consists of 5 lessons. Each lesson is made to teach, in an easy manner, the concept at hand using an interesting story or premise that will stimulate engagement in the lesson.

Throughout the lessons the student will find themselves in different situations and places. Meaning that they will at one point be in a hot weather balloon, taking pictures of the terrain below for preservation purposes, while at another time they will be surrounded by coral reefs, helping scientists gather data about climate change.

Pattern recognition.

Learn about predictive analysis and pattern recognition while working at a research outpost in the middle of the savannah. The research outpost’s job is to identify and track ocelots that inhabit that area.

Water quality.

Learn about supervised machine learning, while using it to clean up an important water source in a developing country. Gather data from the large river and find the sources of pollution.

Mapping terrain.

Learn about unsupervised machine learning. Fly over forests, using a hot weather balloon, and take pictures of the terrain below. Use the pictures ass data for a machine learning algorithm to find places of illegal logging or signs of diseases.

Ocean Observations

Learn about autonomous navigation and pathfinding. Help researches that are monitoring a coral reef for signs of climate change. Install and maintain the research equipment using the Agent and a machine learning algorithm.

Sustainable Farming

Learn about predictive analysis. Help the local population in a developing country to utilize their farmland in a better way and farm more efficiently. Use weather satellite and ground sensor data to find the best planting locations.

The recommended ages for people taking this course is 11 to 16.

This course has been produced for Minecraft Education in collaboration with AI for Earth.


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